The Blackbutt tree is called so due to the darkened appearance of the butt after a bushfire. It is a commonly available commercial hardwood species in New South Wales and Southern Queensland and is known to make a very good plantation timber due to its quick growth and versatility.

Blackbutt timber is highly fire resistant and sits at a Janka rating of 9.1KN making it one of the hardest timbers in the lighter colour ranges. That coupled with its extreme durability makes it fitting for many structural and external applications as well as internal ones inclusive of framework, decking and flooring.

It ranges in colour from golden yellows to pale creams and through to pale browns with an occasional slight pinkish hue. Its even texture and straight grain make it quite appealing for interior uses like the crafting of beautiful furniture, stairs and joinery and is a very popular choice for hardwood timber flooring. Blackbutt timber flooring has a gorgeous finish when stained and polished and a very long life with proper care.

Blackbutt timber floorboards are available at Simply Bamboo, you timber flooring supplier in Perth.

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