Smart Floors

Simply Bamboo has introduced this latest technology in flooring protection using the FIDBOX.


Fidbox was developed in Austria and is extensively used throughout Europe. It is a measuring device that provides clarity and security to our customers bamboo floors.

Fidbox has been extensively used by companies that have restored or reconstructed hardwood flooring in some of England's finest buildings - from the Victoria and Albert Museum to Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace to name a few.

The Benefits of Fidbox

Fidbox is a measuring device that measures the temperature and relative humidity on the surface of the floorboard and on the concrete continuously for years. It is also a date logger for long term data recording. Fidbox is concealed in the hardwood flooring itself and does not effect the structural integrity or normal usage of the floorboards.

The benefits of Fidbox include:

  1. Securing long term value of customers hardwood (including bamboo) flooring
  2. Data for prompt explanation of facts
  3. Reliable, accurate and credible information
  4. Protection of customers flooring investment

Why does Simply Bamboo provide Fidbox technology to our customers?

Simply Bamboo believes in giving our clients the latest and best technology available, from all over the world. It can act as an early detection system to prevent any severe underlying flooring problems that may arise after installation. Fidbox can assist with determining the problem and what cause of action needs to be taken to remedy the issue.

We never compromise on quality and peace of mind.