If you’re anything like us here at Simply Bamboo, every time you think about what the floors of your dream home look like you imagine beautiful wall to wall wooden floors. And if for some reason you’re still a little hesitant on whether or not to install them in your home, here are a few reasons that may push you to make a sure choice of timber flooring.



If you’re looking for flooring that will stand the test of time and last decades, look no further than hardwood timber floors. With varying ranges of hardness, you can be assured of floors that will last a lifetime if you choose timber floors for your home. That coupled with Simply Bamboo’s lifetime guarantee, you can be assured of our assistance should you ever need it.



Timber floors are a great choice if you’re looking for flooring that will look amazing but won’t require too much to maintain. If you have a broom, mop and/or vacuum cleaner, you’re pretty much set in that department. Should your floors acquire scratches or begin to discolour over a period of time, don’t panic, hardwood timber flooring can be very easily re-sanded and refinished to make them as good as new. A word of caution though, depending on the variation of timber you have settled on, avoiding water would be in your best interest as water damage could very easily occur with timber floors, especially if not installed right.



Timber flooring possesses a timeless and versatile appeal that allows you to keep up with interior style trends without having to worry whether your floors will work with the new “in thing” or not. The knots, grains and patterns that vary from log to log will also lend to their beauty, giving you floors that are uniquely yours. To top that off, hardwood timbers come in a variety of colours you can choose from to fit your interiors.



At Simply Bamboo, we pride ourselves in providing you with flooring options that are “friendly” to the environment and our timber flooring is no exception. We provide you with FSC certified timber flooring options indigenous to Australia that will allow you to enjoy the beauty of natural flooring without having to sacrifice your belief in an eco-friendly lifestyle. Timber flooring also has the advantage of being recyclable thanks to its durability further lending to its environmental appeal.


We hope that does the trick and convinces you to choose hardwood timber for your floors. And when you’ve settled on that and are ready to make the commitment, look no further than Simply Bamboo for your timber flooring options in Perth. We hope to hear from you soon…

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